Sharp Eye Thruster Fins Size Medium

The Sharp Eye thruster, designed by shaper Marcio Zouvi, is a medium size neutral template. Featuring a balanced flex pattern, this fin incorporates a wider base and a refined tip for great all-round performance in a variety of conditions. The medium size template has already won a major QS event, under the feet of team rider Jett Schilling.

  • Template Category | Neutral (All-Around | Fluid)
  • Construction | Honeycomb
  • Ride Number | Balanced – 6.1
  • Size | Medium (145 – 175 lbs)
  • Side Fins Center Fin
    Area 14.86 14.86
    Height 4.51 4.51
    Base 4.44 4.44
    Angle 6.5 SYMM
    Foil FLAT SYMM

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