NSP Paddle Speedster 81 100% Carbon Fix -29mm

Ideal for those competing on the pro racing tour or for those who just want more speed.

NSP Paddle Speedster 81

100% Carbon Fix -29mm

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SKU: NAPD0801 Category: GTIN: 8886480703554

Our NSP paddle range is designed to get you where you want to go with ease, efficiency and speed. Utilizing the best materials, lay-ups and production processes, NSP paddles are engineered with just the right amount of flex, strength and weight to allow for longer paddle sessions on the water.

The power face of our Speedster and Allround models are exactly the same, however the difference lies in the lay-ups. We now offer our top of the line carbon, eco-friendly coco fiber hybrid and an eco, but yet price-friendly carbon hybrid with a more pronounced dihedral.

The raised and extended dihedral provides more strength to the blade and allows a smooth transition and thinner blade. The edge is only 1.7 mm thick which gives a super smooth water entrance with initial bite. The raised tip is parallel to the shaft for aggressive catch and controlling the pace going through the power face.

Every rider will have the same feel when the blade hits the water. The new blades produce a lot of speed, conserve energy and allow paddlers a great session every time.