Hydrofoil Airwave Front Wing 2000 cm2 in bag

You are not going to turn this foil on a dime, but its sustained glide and consistent lift, even at lower speeds are very rewarding when the conditions are small. Out of all all-around front wings, the FW 2000 is the most stable and directional one. For wingfoilers, the FW 2000 foil is a must! Compare all wings here.

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The Allround Front Wings come in three different sizes and shapes, but all three have some key characteristics in common. Their thicker section shape generates more lift than comparable thinner wings, meaning early on these wings will already generate lift. The advantage of having low take-off speed is important, especially for beginning and intermediate foilers, looking to progress their foiling abilities.

Allround Front Wings vs. Pro series

Compared to our more specialized front wings, the all-around front wings hit that sweet spot where lift, responsiveness, top-end speed and glide all combine for an accessible and thrilling foiling experience. More dedicated Pro wings will emphasize specific characteristics like gliding efficiency and pump (the downwinders) over turnability and responsiveness (1250 Sweep).