Double Wide Compact Cover Black

Internal Depth: 100mm/4″

6’0 – 23.5″ – 2.8kg

6’4 – 23.5″ – 2.9kg

6’8 – 23.5″ – 3.0kg

7’2 – 23.5″ – 3.1kg

Fits: 1-2 Boards: Shortboard or Fish

• No Moulded rubber sidewalls

• No internal compression straps

• Tapered / Compact sidewalls design

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Redesigned, now with tough Armour Weave fabric & UV reflective tarpee. Compact, fitted cover with gusset for day use.
XP EXTRA PROTECTION 25MM PADDED PANELS – Extra protection in high impact areas. Nose, Rails and Tail.

REFLECTIVE HEAT PROTECTION – Bottom Side Fabric: UV Reflective Tarpee

THREE LAYERS OF PROTECTION – Top Layer: Armour Weave Polyester 2nd Layer: (inside) 5mm shock-absorbing foam 3rd Layer: Tarpee lining

HEAVY-DUTY ZIPPERS – Large, non-corrosive nylon zips HANGING HOOK All covers supplied with patented removable hanging hook