7’0 Teachers Pet Softboard Yellow

The Teacher’s Pet is made-to-learn

This range of boards is designed by some of the best surf instructors from around the globe. These are shapes specifically designed for first-timers to paddle out on, either with an instructor or as a private owner.


Accentuated front- and rear rockers make this board paddle easy and the extra “spoon”  is going to take the drop better than most boards out there (no more beginners nose digging or “wheelies”). A “Learn-to-Surf” setup with its positioning marks for paddling, hand placement and ultimately foot placement is an instructor favourite as it takes the guesswork and bad habits out of the learning process.


The board also comes with a super flexible 9-inch dolphin  (patent pending) that tracks perfectly while turning with ease on the wave. Best of all, these fins can be mounted and removed without tools. Instructors wanting to demonstrate something on the beach without damaging or bending the fin really appreciate this feature.

Length Width Thickness Volume Weight /- 5%
7’0″ 22 ¹/²” 3 ¹/⁴” 66 Liters 5.4 kg
8’4″ 23 ¹/²” 3 ³/⁴” 93 Liters 7.1 kg
10’0″ 24 ¹/²” 3 ¹/²” 123 Liters 11.2 kg

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The paddle position, oval in the centre of the deck, allows inexperienced riders to better position themselves correctly on the board with ease “sometimes referred to as the balance point” reducing the chances of being too far forward making the board nose dive or too far back making the board wheelie.


The outside lines of the oval are also a great guide as to where your centre finger of flat hands should be placed when under your chest (preventing riders from grabbing the rails). This helps in getting the rider into that pinpoint technique for the all-important ‘pop up’ from the start.


The centre line running through the oval & from nose to tail acts as a guide to easily centre your body from the left to right sides of the board. This creates confidence in the riders, knowing that each and every time they get on the board, they are in a perfect position. This also provides school instructors with an easy to use teaching tool.


Learning to surf can be exhausting, so there is no need to push your students unnecessary. The Teacher’s Pet features a convenient handle on the bottom of the board, just below the rail and over its centre of gravity. Watch your students carry your board’s to-and-from the spot with ease, instead of dragging the boards behind them.

Straight A’s all around.